About Me

Hey! My name is Christian

I was lovingly given the name Barf by my 2nd grade friends. Thankfully that morphed into Arf and has stuck with me ever since.

I did not really grow up cooking but have always had a passion for food. After I graduated college I decided I wanted to learn how to make great food at home. I started with grilling and BBQ but that slowly transitioned into all types of cuisine. The past couple of years I have really taken to the sous vide method of cooking.

I’m not sure what to call my style of cooking but my methodology is for every thing on the plate to be cooked and seasoned to it’s best and then assembled at the end. My wife usually is not happy with the mess I’ve created but she (usually) never complains about the taste. If you are looking for quick/easy/sheet pan meals, I have bad news for you.

I’m so grateful for you to visit my page. I really enjoy classic dishes but am not afraid to branch out. And I’m always up for a challenge in the kitchen so let me know if there’s something you would like to see me recreate.